Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Root Words Challenge

Spect- (visual, sight)

"Hey, Joe? What movie do you want to see tonight?" I asked. "We could go see Spectre. You know, the new James Bond movie?" Joe asked me. We walked to the bus stop. "Dude, remember when we were playing GTA Online and we were playing that race, and your car blew up?" Joe asked before laughing. "Yeah..." I said, sadly. "I was in spectator mode for the whole race. But, while I was spectating, I saw that I couldn't switch between players like you're supposed to, and it was just stuck like that." I said. "We'll talk about it later. Let's just get to the movie."

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

What I want to do is I want to get married, possibly have a family, and become a mechanic. That's what my dad did, and I'll follow in his footsteps. I'll try to do everything my dad wanted to do, but couldn't.

My dad has always told me, and I quote, "Just as long as you are good at something, it can be anything, do what you want to do, and be great at it." That's what I want to remember him as. Not the man laying in the hospital, dying of cancer, but my dad, a man who wants better for his kid, like every other parent.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End
By: Chris Stone
Prologue: “June 24th, 2019. More people are turning. People are dying, and coming back! Just today, I saw my dad crawl out of the grave and eat my sister’s faces off! When will it end?!”
Chris was listening to the recording he made 11 years ago. He was just 16 at that time. He lost his mom and sisters. Killed by their dad. But, 3 years before, in 2016, he lost his dad from cancer.
He never forgot one minute of that moment. Not one day does Chris not think about his family’s death. About his friend’s death. How Chris lost everything. “You can’t live in fear. YOU CAN’T!” Chris said that to himself everyday. It’s all he could think about. That and his family’s “death”.

11 years ago, a summer’s day in 2019. Chris is 16, everything’s normal, and he’s watching the news. “Chris, have you seen the news?! Some lab close by blew up.” Chris’s mom said as she ran into the room.
Chris turned on the TV. His eyes were fixated on the TV screen. “Police say that there was some kind of experiment involving some kind of strange gas that caused the explosion.”
“A strange gas?!” Chris’s mom said, shocked. “When the police got to the expolsion site, scientists were working in the lab, but if they were in the building, their bodies have disappeared.”
Behind the newscaster, there was a man in a white lab coat, and his skin was rotted, and some of his bones were showing. The camera dropped, and it was now showing the feet of the newscaster and the scientist.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed the newscaster. The picture cut out. Chris turned off the TV. Chris, him being the stupid teen he is, decided to go out and see if the strange gas had leaked to town.
Chris walked to the library. He saw a man at the parking lot. “Excuse me, sir!” Chris yelled over to the man. The man turned around. It was a man, alright. A dead man. With rotted skin, and bones showing.
“Ohh… good God!” Chris almost threw up. The man was approaching him, roaring like an animal.
Before the man got to Chris, he took a picture with his phone as proof for the girls. He ran home, and barricaded them inside the house with the couch.
“Chris! What’s the matter?” Chris’s sister, Victoria, asked as Chris walked in the door. “Is there a crate of Ramen noodles out there?” Victoria asked.
“WHAT?! NO! Look, man. I was at the library parking lot, and I saw THIS!” Chris said, pulling out his phone. His mom and sisters looked at the picture in disgust.
“What IS that thing?” Chris’s other sister, Georgie, asked, shielding her eyes from the picture of the horrible, disfigured creature.
“I’ve played enough video games and watched enough movies to know it’s a zombie. It must’ve been that gas. From the explosion. There must be hundreds of him. We’ve better get this place barricaded.” Chris suggested.
“Good call. We’ll go find some wood.” Victoria said. The 3 girls went to find some wood. ”I hope they make it back in one piece.” Chris thought.
Chris went out to gather some supplies. He went to the cemetery across the river, and sure enough, there were people popping out of the ground. Chris found a dead cop. He grabbed the gun sitting in front of him, and went into the cemetery.
He was as quiet as possible. He saw his mom and sisters at a grave. Chris walked up. He immediately saw whose grave it was.
The tombstone read: “Jerold B. Stone January 13th, 1963 - July 8th, 2016. A loving husband, father, uncle, and friend.” ”Just a DAY before Georgie’s birthday. I still miss him.” Chris thought to himself.
There was a huge hole in the ground in front of it. Chris looked back at his mom. “MOM, LOOK OUT!” It was too late.
Chris saw his undead dad. He never thought he’d see this. Chris’s dad, crawling all over his mom. Chris was pushed back. The zombie got off his mom and started biting his sister’s faces off. Chris got his balance back, grabbed the gun, and held it behind his dad’s head.
“DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS, DAD! STOP!” He closed his eyes and prepared to pull the trigger. He heard a gunshot.
Chris didn’t open his eyes. He heard multiple gunshots after that. He opened his eyes. Chris looked around, and saw, along with a few other dead bodies, one that stood out. A zombie wearing a black suit and a fedora, laying on the ground, with a bullet hole in his head. Chris never forgot who that man was. It was Chris’s uncle, Francis.
Chris saw that he hadn’t moved a muscle. He looked up, and saw his friend, Eric, armed with a shotgun, a pistol, and other stuff.
“Thought you’d might be here.” Eric said to Chris. “Sorry about that. Didn’t know that was your dad.” Eric said, lowering the gun.
“It’s alright.” Chris said, still holding the gun. “Victoria and Georgie aren’t alright, thought.” Eric said, pointing at the 2 girls, whose faces were missing.
“Victoria. Georgie. No…” Chris was crying now. He put his head on Victoria’s chest, then on Georgie’s. “Nothing. Not a beat. They’re dead. Dad killed them.”
“Look, Chris. It isn’t safe out here. Your mom looks okay, though. We could haul her back to my place. Me and my family are holed up in the middle school, with other people.” Eric suggested. But, before they left, he shot both of his sisters in the face, so they don’t come back. "I'll save them that pain."
Chris hauled his passed-out mom over his shoulders, and followed Eric, who had his weapons at the ready just in case they came across more zombies.
His mom was just passed out. She was covered in blood and guts. Hopefully his dad didn’t bite her. Eric and Chris dropped his mom in the back seat of Eric’s truck, and drove towards the middle school.
Eric hid his truck in the alley. They climbed to the back seat and pulled Chris’s mom through the trunk. Eric knocked 3 times, then another. The door opened.
“Eric. Who’s this?” a girl asked. “This is my friend Chris. His mom’s been injured.” the girl opened the door more. “Bring her up to the 2nd floor.” They went up to the second floor.
They got to the second floor. There were more people in the room they were in. One girl was cleaning up his mom. One man saw Chris’s mom, and the condition she was in.
“We don’t need anymore people in this building. It’s crowded enough!” The old man yelled. “They’re my friends, Larry, and they needed help!” “Larry. His name’s Larry” Chris thought.
“Oh my god! One of them’s been BITTEN!” the old man yelled. “She’s not bitten. Look, that girl’s cleaning him. THERE’S NO BITE!” Eric yelled. “We’ve seen this before. She’s bitten!” “No, she’s NOT!” Eric yelled back.
They kept arguing on whether or not Chris’s mom was bitten. “She’s bitten! We can’t have a bitten person in here.” “She’s not bitten! Larry, they’re cleaning her off. There’s NO bite!” Eric yelled.
“She’s covered in muck! They’ll find the bite. Watch! We need to toss her out or smash her head in.” “Over my dead body.” Chris stood in front of his mom.
Larry yelled “She’s bitten! That’s how you TURN!” Larry yelled! “I’m gonna kill him, Eric! Just worry about my mom!” Chris said to his friend. “Hey, ma’am, before you EAT your son, you can watch him and his friend get their noses broken!”
“NO! You don’t touch her! I’m trying to protect her, and you’re talking about killing her! You want to get violent, old man?! Well, COME ON! You’d better have a plan to kill ME, though! Because it’s ME before ANYONE ELSE IN HERE!” Chris stood his ground.
“Will you all just CHILL OUT? Look, no bite! See?” Chris’s mom showed Larry. “Well, I’m sorry. Name’s Larry.” Larry shook Chris’s hand, real hard. “Chris.” Chris replied.
Chris searched the room. He found a tape recorder. He decided to keep it, so he could document his thoughts on it.
“July 14th, 2019. More people are turning. People are dying, and coming back! Just today, I saw my dad crawl out of the grave and eat my sister’s faces off! When will it end?!” Chris said. He put the recorder in his pocket.
“Hey, Chris. Can I talk to you?” Eric said to Chris. They went into another room. A language arts classroom, maybe. “Look, I don’t plan on staying in town any longer with those things out there. You gave me your car to fix a few weeks ago. Well, I fixed it. Took off the front bumper like you asked, too. For less wind resistance.” Eric said with his head down.
“Why are you telling me this? What are you saying?” Chris asked. Eric looked up. “I’m going away from this town. Far away.” “AND?!” “I want you to come with me. We could go anywhere. I plan on going to Fort Lauderdale. Jordan’s there, and we can stay there, like old times. So, you coming with me?” Eric asked.
“I’m in. BUT, my mom comes with us.” Chris bargained. “Deal. I’ve hid your car behind the alley where my truck is.” “So, THAT’S what that was, under the tarp.” Chris went back to his mom. He gathered together as much food, water and clothes there was if he was going out of state.
Chris’s mom was asleep. Chris snuck back out to the alley. Eric moved his truck, and Chris pulled the tarp off his car. He climbed through the window, and started the engine. He heard a huge ROAR.
He thought a zombie was sitting in the back, but he backed out of the alley, and saw where the noise was coming from. There was a huge engine sticking out of the hood, like one of the powerful supercharged engines.
“That could come in handy when driving in the middle of a zombie horde” Chris thought. Chris saw that Eric took the trunk door and back windshield out and put 2 big tanks in the back, for gas.
He recognized what the car looked like. Chris finally had his dream car.
“CHRIS! CHRIS! GRAB YOUR STUFF AND GET IN YOUR CAR! We got zombies in the school!” Eric came running out screaming. Chris ran into the building. Chris went to where his mom was sleeping. There was a zombie in the room. “MOM! GET OFF HER!” Chris pulled the zombie off the person. That person was his mom.
“MOM! NO! No…” almost as soon as he put his head on her stomach, she sat up and attacked him. “AHHH! MOM!!! GET OFF ME!! MOM!!!” Chris yelled out. Eric pulled her off. “I’m not letting anymore people get eaten today. Especially a good friend. Get to your car. Follow me.” Eric said.
Chris ran through the zombie horde, and got to his car barely with his life. He started the engine, and they both drove away from the school. Chris saw Eric’s truck, and Eric motioned for him to roll down the window. Chris rolled down the window.
“A word of advise, red button. Could come in real handy.” Eric rolled up his window, and sped down the street. Chris pulled the red button.
Chris put the pedal to the floor, and the car went super fast. Chris pushed the button, and the car went it’s normal speed. Chris saw Eric’s truck and stopped. “When’d you have the time to do all this?” Chris asked.
“Hey, time goes by fast when you’re working on your friend’s car. Faster when you know what your friend’s dream car looks like.” Eric replied jokingly. “Okay. What happened to Larry, and all those other guys?” “Oh, they all left before, but Larry… I don’t know what happened to him.” Eric replied.
“Sorry ‘bout your mom, man. She’s one of them now. She’s with your dad and sisters. But, us, we’re heading south, to Fort Lauderdale. Let’s go.” Eric said, getting into his truck. They both drove out of the city.

11 years later. Eric’s dead. Eaten by a zombie. Back with Chris and his thoughts, and his car. “That was then. This is now.” Chris thought to himself “You can’t live in fear! You CAN’T!” Chris said to himself. He tried everything he could do to survive. He couldn’t, becuase there were still zombies everywhere.
Chris turned his car into his home. He was driving down the road. He slowed down, and saw the middle school in ruins.
“I’m back in Collingswood.” Chris thought to himself. He went inside and found a gas can, empty. ”I didn’t leave much in here.” Chris thought to himself. He saw a room. He saw THE room.
The room where his mom woke from the dead and attacked him. He got out of there. He saw a smashed car in the parking lot. “Please have gas. I need gas!”
Chris siphoned all he could from the mangled car. He saw zombies coming towards him. He tried to pick up the can. He got back in his car, but that didn’t stop the zombies. Chris grabbed his gun, and shot at the zombies.
But it was too late…

To be continued...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

To be, or not to be a wimp

To be, or not to be a wimp

It was a mid-October Thursday morning, and Jerry woke up for school at 6:50 AM. He brushed his teeth, ate a handful of Cheerios, and threw on his lucky t-shirt and jeans. Jerry grabbed his Converse sneakers and hoodie and walked out the door to school. While walking, Jerry was passing his friend, George’s house. “What up, George?” Jerry yelled as he was walking by.
“Hey, Jerry. Going to school?” he asked as if he didn’t know where he was going. “No, I’m going to Burger King.” Jerry replied sarcastically. Then, the two boys started walking to school.
“Jerry, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” “Shoot.” Jerry replied, “You think everyone at school thinks we’re… well… wimps?” George asked with his head half down. “Us? Wimps? No! I always thought we were considered idiots or weirdos.” Jerry replied, jokingly. George playfully punched Jerry in the shoulder.
“Well, remember that time in 3rd grade when Nicolas dared us to eat that dead cockroach, and we wouldn’t do it because we said we were on a low-bug diet?” “Yeah, but-” “Then there was that one time where Charlie dared us to pee out my bedroom window, and we both wouldn’t do it, but he did?” George asked.
“Yeah, I remember.” Jerry said back to his friend. “You know, we still can’t grow anything in that area, you know that, right?” George asked. “Can we just stop talking about it?” Jerry desperately asked.
“But, yeah, so we might be considered wimps. What’s the big deal?” They got to shcool. The bell rang before they could get another word out.
After a horrible day of classes and torture, it’s 2:33, and Jerry shot out of class, eager to meet up with George. “Hey, Jerry, we should go to the comic book store today. I think the new Ultimate Spider-Man comic book is out.” George suggested.
“Nah, I think I’ll pass. I’m going to go for a jog around Cooper River, both sides of the bridge.” Jerry replied. Jerry wanted to start working out and start toughening up because he was sick of being the wimp in the school.
“Both sides? Jerry, that’s almost 3 or 4 miles. What are you even doing it for?” “I can’t tell you. I gotta go. See you.” Jerry grabbed his bag and went home.
Jerry ran to his room, threw on his sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and burst out the door. Jerry ran down the street, and jogged past the boat yard, past the baseball field, over the bridge, and just kept on jogging.
Along the way, Jerry was having flashbacks to back when everyone was calling him a wimp. He could hear someone saying “you can’t handle anything” and someone else saying “you’re such a wimp, Jerry!”
Then, Jerry was starting to run. He began running faster and faster. I’ll show them! I’m no wimp! Jerry thought to himself. 2 ½ miles later, he ran down his street and ran into the house, proud of himself.
Jerry started working out, too. He filled 2 milk cartons with sand and duct-taped them to a long pipe he found in his garage and made a makeshift weight.
About 2 hours later, Jerry looked in the mirror and saw a little bit of muscle on him. Nice. I should be tougher by Halloween, Jerry thought to himself. Then, there was a knock on Jerry’s front door. It was George.
“Hey, Jer. Can I come in?” “Yeah.” George walks in. “Listen, I was walking down the block, and I saw you coming home. Don’t tell me you actually went through with the whole ‘running around Cooper River’ thing?” George asked.
“Yeah, I went through with it. Everyone else will hear about it, and I’ll no longer be a wimp.” Jerry told his pal, out of breath. “THAT’S why you did it?! To make a point?! You couldn’t just try to get over your fears or something?!” “Yeah. I would’ve faced my fears. I will, too. Wouldn’t you have ran all around Cooper River?” “NO! Are you out of your mind?! You could’ve killed yourself, or gotten yourself killed!”
“Quit your bellyaching. I’m fine. I had flashbacks in my head from those kids from way back who used to call us wimps everyday. Also I-” “Wait, wait, wait! What?!”
Jerry ran outside to his backyard. George ran after him. “You know, Jerry, that whole jog just meant you’re trying to run away from your problems.” Geroge said. “I am not! I want to do this, George. I’m not just doing this. Some people want to change themselves, then they start and they just stop. I’m doing’ this, and there is NO WAY, on God’s green Earth, that anyone will change my mind”.
Jerry opened the gate, and closed it behind him. After that, George just gave up and started walking home. But, then he ran back and knocked on the door.
“What now?” Jerry replied, annoyed. “You know what, if this is the way you think people won’t call you a wimp, then I dare you to knock on the Smithers house’s door.” George dared.
The Smithers house is the creepiest house in town. People say that the owner died, but his ghost still lives there. Nobody ever dared to even go near it, let alone knock on the door. Jerry didn’t believe one word of it.
“Are you crazy?! Have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre?! That’s what that place looks like. You know the dude who wears peoples’ faces and wields a chainsaw? That’s probably who’ll be on the other side of that door.”
Jerry was just making stuff up now. But, the part about the house looking like it’s from Texas Chainsaw Massacre was true. It looks like the furniture inside is made of human flesh and bones. Like, it wouldn’t be a pretty thing to look at.
“Fine! I’ll do it. Also, get as much people as possible to come watch. I want other witnesses.” Jerry replied. “I’ll do it. See ya tomorrow.” Then, George walked home.
The next day, almost everyone was standing behind Jerry, who was standing on the front step. Jerry walked up to the door. He raised a shaking fist to the door, and knocked on the door.
Jerry knocked on the door again. This place DOES look like the house from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I’m about to meet a dude with a chainsaw! Jerry thought. The door didn’t open. He knocked again. The door opened.
Everyone was on the other side of the street. And I’M the wimp. Instead of a crazy guy with a chainsaw, there was a short, hunched-over dark figure in the shape of an old man at the door.
“Hello?” said a raspy, withered old voice. “Hello. My name is Jerry, and I’m sorry to bother you but everyone wanted me to knock on your do-”
“What do you want, boy?” the old man said. “Everyone on the other street, there.” Jerry pointed behind him. “They wanted me to knock on your door. I’m so sorry to bother you, Mr. Smithers, sir.” The man grunted. He closed the door with a loud BANG! Jerry full-heartedly walked down the path towards everyone.
“There. You happy?!” Jerry said to George. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” Everyone else walked away. “You know, it’s not the worst thing in the world to be branded a wimp.” George said. “I know, but I didn’t want to think I wasn’t manly enough to-”
“Hey!” George interrupted, “you knocked on the Smithers door. To me, or anyone else in this town, that’s as manly as it gets.” A ridiculous smile spread across Jerry’s face.
“You know, I think we both learned something from this.” Geroge said. “What would that be?” Jerry replied “We both learned that, just because someone else thinks bad about you, doesn’t mean you should change that about yourself.” George said.
“True, true. Thanks, man. Hey, let’s go to the comic book store and look at the new Ultimate Spider-Man.” Jerry suggested.
“Let’s go.” George agreed. Jerry learned something these past 2 day. He learned that many peope will think bad about something about your personality, and just because that’s what they think, doesn’t mean that’s what YOU should think.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Exerpt from story

It was a mid-October Thursday morning, and Jerry woke up for school at 6:50 AM. He brushed his teeth, ate a handful of Cheerios, and threw on his lucky t-shirt and jeans. Jerry grabbed his Converse sneakers and hoodie and walked out the door to school. While walking, Jerry was passing his friend, George’s house. “What up, George?” Jerry yelled as he was walking by.

I like this paragraph because I really went into detail with how Jerry got ready for school every day. I can just see this kid putting on his sneakers, grabbing Cheerios from the box, and running out the door.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scene and summary

The author of my book uses scene to describe some parts of the book where, for example, they go to a new place, they describe the place like you're actually there, at that place in the book. My author uses summary to just sum up what the characters are doing, like they're just walking down the street and they get to where they're going.